Shower head with water heated by propane.If you’re willing to pay more now to save a lot more later, investing in a propane water heater makes a lot of sense.

Propane water heaters – available in both tank and tankless versions – are more environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective than electric models. Although they cost more initially, propane units can save homeowners up to 60% on energy costs.

Tankless units are the most efficient route, heating water only when it’s needed rather than heating it in advance. This on-demand feature results in 60% fewer emissions than standard tank models. The more hot water your home requires, the more you’ll save with a tankless propane water heater.

Propane water heaters can be purchased through online retailers or at home improvement stores.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of buying a propane water heater for your home, Lakes Gas provides links to propane coupons and rebates to help you get big savings.

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