Propane Delivery ImageYou’ll Never Run out of Propane
No running out of hot water hallway through a shower. No freezing in a sweater while you wait for a delivery. With automatic delivery from Lakes Gas, we keep an eye on your usage so you don’t have to. And when you get low, we’ll automatically schedule a delivery to your home.

You Won’t Have to Call Us
Has this happened to you? You’re short on propane, so you remind yourself to call for a delivery. But you get caught up at work and forget. Before you know it, you’re out! With automatic delivery, you never have to remind yourself to schedule a delivery. It’s all taken care of.

There’s No Guesswork
To determine your usage, we don’t take a wild guess. We use a formula to calculate heating degree days – the demand for energy to heat your home daily, determined by the average of the day’s high and low temperatures. That means no guessing on your part, and a promise from us that you won’t run out of propane.

Want to sign up for automatic delivery? Contact Lakes Gas.

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