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Image of a farm that uses propane.Propane isn’t just for grilling burgers. It actually helps make the burgers you throw on the grill, by powering the farms that grow the feed and the cattle ranches that produce the beef.

Propane is used in nearly every aspect of farming, from combating insects and running farm vehicles to drying grain and warming orchards during winter cold snaps. On dairy farms, tankless propane-powered water heaters ensure farmers have the hot water they need to clean and sanitize milking areas, all while cutting costs.

Image of propane burners from Lakes Gas.We know you hate to think of it during this beautiful season, but winter will be here before you know it. And before the temperatures drop, you may want to get your propane system checked to ensure a safe, efficient heating source during the cold weather.
When you schedule a propane system inspection with Lakes Gas, you get:

Image of flowers at Lakes Gas.

At Lakes Gas, we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service. And one of our customer service representatives recently got a big thumbs-up for the great way she handled a customer’s issue. Ann Baxley-Turnacliff received this gorgeous bouquet from a customer she helped in our Mora, Minnesota branch. Great job, Ann. Keep up the good work!

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Image of books and coffee.Ground Source Heat Pumps have gained popularity lately as an alternative to furnaces because of their energy efficiency and cost savings. But if you’re considering one, there are a few things to think about.


GSHP systems require “loop fields” or underground wells, to function properly. And that means you’ll need a lot of space, which, depending on your lot size, may not be possible. Depending on your heating and cooling needs, you may need deeper or more wells. Propane furnaces, on the other hand, can be installed in basements, attics, or anywhere else a traditional furnace would be placed.

AdobeStock 23548857A power interruption can be scary. How long will you be without power? Will you be in the dark for minutes, or maybe for days? What will happen to the food in your fridge? What about your loved ones who need an electricity-dependent medical device?

What if all those worries could dissipate in just ten seconds?

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