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Water HeaterThe average U.S. household spends up to $600 a year on water heating alone. And with new energy-efficient water heaters, it’s easier than ever to slash that budget without sacrificing comfort.

But how do you choose the right model? Do you opt for storage or tankless? Heat pump or solar? With so many options, it can feel overwhelming to make the right decision for your hot water needs.

thunderThis time of year, the weather can turn bad instantly. One second, you’re out enjoying the pool, the next you’re running inside to wait out the rain.

And sometimes, that rain can be accompanied by potentially dangerous thunderstorms, which could cause power outages, fires, and flooding. To stay safe this summer, follow these steps, courtesy of

Opening your summer cabinIt’s finally time to open your summer digs. And whether you spend the season in an RV, cottage, or a second home, you still have to get it ready before you spend any length of time there.

Look around. Plenty can happen over the winter. So, before you even set foot inside, inspect the area around the home. Look for anything that’s out of place: fallen branches someone might trip over, broken windows that need to be fixed, signs of vandalism or attempted break-in, or anything else that doesn’t seem right. And do the same once you get inside, too.

Flags in flower bed 300x200Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Lakes Gas. For some, it’s a day to remember those who died in military service. For others, it’s the unofficial start of summer. At Lakes Gas, we celebrate it both ways, taking time to reflect on the sacrifices of those who came before us, and looking forward to three months of warm-weather fun.


Grill photo 300x200Warm weather is finally here. And that means it’s time to fire up the grill and break out the burgers and hot dogs. But before you do, here are some propane grill safety tips to keep in mind, courtesy of the Propane Education and Research Council.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Refer to the instruction manual that came with your grill. It should be your go-to guide for assembly, cleaning, and maintenance. After all, who knows your particular model better than the folks who made it?

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