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Grill photo 300x200Warm weather is finally here. And that means it’s time to fire up the grill and break out the burgers and hot dogs. But before you do, here are some propane grill safety tips to keep in mind, courtesy of the Propane Education and Research Council.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Refer to the instruction manual that came with your grill. It should be your go-to guide for assembly, cleaning, and maintenance. After all, who knows your particular model better than the folks who made it?

smokerWe know it seems like January 87th, but we promise, spring is on its way.

So, make sure your portable propane tanks are ready for all the grilling, camping, and other warm-weather activities it has in store.

First, test for leaks in your tank and connection. Liberally apply a soap and water solution to the tank and connection and slowly open the cylinder valve. If you see bubbles, you have a leak and will need to replace your connection parts or tank.

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We held our annual CSR (Customer Service Representative) meeting April 26-27 in Forest Lake, Minnesota. It was a great opportunity for our CSRs to participate in learning sessions with Lakes Gas leadership and build camaraderie with their counterparts from other branches. On Wednesday, 31 of our CSRs enjoyed a fun paint night activity at Glazing Memories Art Studio. They got to take home their masterpiece and some great memories from a fantastic event.

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Howard E. Sargeant, founder of Lakes Gas, passed away in October 2017 at the age of 94. To commemorate his life, employees from our corporate office presented a plaque to his family.

Recently, the plaque was mounted to a bench in Lakeside Park by the city of Forest Lake, Minnesota. While park visitors are relaxing, they can reflect on his memory, along with his contributions to the community and the propane industry.

AdobeStock 81496716Spring is just around the corner, and that means taking your lawnmower out of its winter retirement. But this year, you may want to consider buying a propane-powered model or converting your existing mower into a propane model using an EPA-certified conversion kit. Here are some reasons why:

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