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Image of two cars at auto show.The Minnesota Propane Association is at the Twin Cities Auto Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The show runs through March 18th. Lakes Gas is assisting the MPA with the booth, along with other propane companies and industries.

The show features over 600 vehicles from over 36 brands. Find more information here.

If you’re at the show, stop by and say hello! 

Propane tankHere’s some good news before tax day. Congress just approved a $320 billion two-year budget deal that includes extensions of propane gas credits retroactive through 2017. That means if your home or business used propane through December 31, 2017, you could be eligible for a tax credit. 

propane tank in the snowAround here, the weather can change in an instant. And we never really know when Mother Nature has more snow in store. So here are some propane safety tips to keep in mind during a snowstorm, courtesy of

Keep Your Tank Full

A snowstorm could delay your delivery, so be sure to fill up when you hear one’s headed to town.

Unpredictable weather this season means you may be using more propane than you anticipated.

propane tank at house

Luckily, Lakes Gas makes it easy to get the propane you need when you need it with our easy delivery options:

Automatic Delivery

What’s easier than doing nothing? That’s what’s required of you when you use automatic delivery from Lakes Gas. We track your consumption via our computer system using "heating degree days." This term refers to the demand for energy to heat your home daily, determined by the average of the day's high and low temperatures. So, when the system identifies you’re getting low on propane, we'll automatically schedule a delivery to your home. This greatly reduces your chances of running out of propane.

Lakes Gas Pond Hockey Team sizedLakes Gas is proud to have sponsored a team in the 2018 Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic. Although they did not emerge victoriously, they’re still champions in our book. Congratulations to all the teams who participated. Net proceeds from the Pond Hockey Classic are dedicated to keeping youth player rates affordable and is important in promoting the city of Superior, Wisconsin and the Surrounding Twin Ports area. Great job, everyone! You can read more about the tournament here.

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