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Winter School Bus 300 x 200Propane can do more than just heat your home, dry your clothes, and keep everyone at the tailgate party full of freshly grilled burgers. It can also power your car.

And schools, fleet operators and farmers are all turning to propane autogas to power their vehicles.

LakesGas Blog 10.24 edit2It’s getting cold out there. And even though you’ll probably be cranking up the thermostat in the coming months, it doesn’t mean your wallet has to take a hit. Follow these tips to save energy and money this winter. 

Image of propane stove top burner.

The best way to know your propane system is safe and efficient for you and your family is to have regular inspections done. The National Propane Gas Association recommends getting your system inspected every five years. It’s a great way to become familiar with your system, especially how to shut it off, and how to react in case of a leak. 

Image of a large residential propane tank.When it comes to propane delivery, Lakes Gas has options. Choose how you’d like your propane delivered to you and rest assured knowing you’ll never run out.

Delivery options include:

Image of Man fixing propane car.Propane autogas is growing in popularity. And more and more companies are turning to it to fuel their fleets because of lower operating costs and better starting in cold weather. So, if your auto repair and maintenance facility is thinking of adapting to meet the growing needs of propane vehicles, you’re ahead of the curve. Just follow these steps to do it safely, courtesy of this video.

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