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Image of a large residential propane tank.When it comes to propane delivery, Lakes Gas has options. Choose how you’d like your propane delivered to you and rest assured knowing you’ll never run out.

Delivery options include:

Image of Man fixing propane car.Propane autogas is growing in popularity. And more and more companies are turning to it to fuel their fleets because of lower operating costs and better starting in cold weather. So, if your auto repair and maintenance facility is thinking of adapting to meet the growing needs of propane vehicles, you’re ahead of the curve. Just follow these steps to do it safely, courtesy of this video.

Image of calendar with note that reads Start New Job!Looking for a new career opportunity? Look to Lakes Gas. When you join our team, you work with a dedicated, enthusiastic group of people with one thing in common: we all strive to offer the best propane solutions to the people in our communities. That’s why the relationships we have with our customers are so important: because our customers are also our neighbors. If you love brightening days and solving problems, we want to meet you. Take a look at our job descriptions and open positions.

Image of an outdoor propane heater.Fall is here. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your outdoor areas. Propane can help keep you comfortable outdoors even as temperatures drop. Here are some ways to implement it.

Propane Heaters: These compact, inexpensive heaters can be set up on your patio to fight fall and early winter chills.

Image of food cooked with propane at a tailgate.It’s that time again. The return of football means the return of tailgating. Here are some safety tips to keep the party going without risking injuries or illness.

Check Your Equipment

You’ll probably be packing a propane grill. But before you head out, make sure it’s safe. Check the hose and connections for leaks and make sure to read the grill’s owner’s manual and follow the safety guidelines in them. And don’t forget to bring along a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. It’s better to have them on hand and not use them than need them and not have them.

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