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Outdoor Living 300x200Warm weather means it’s propane season.

As the days get longer, we tend to spend more time outside on the deck, enjoying the grill, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, pool, hot tub, and patio heaters – all of which can be utilize propane.

Environmental Benefits 300x200If the environment matters to you, propane should be on your radar as a fuel for vehicles, lawnmowers and home appliances.

The environmental and economic benefits of using propane can no longer be ignored. Consider the following information about how propane is greener than other fuels on the roadway, in the yard and home:

Forklift using PropaneWhen most people think of propane, they think of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs on the patio.

While propane is perfect for the barbecue, it has a wide range of residential and commercial uses that may surprise you. Equipment powered by propane produces fewer emissions and less nitrous oxide than machinery running on gas, diesel and electricity. This environmental benefit makes propane an ideal choice for work conducted near facilities such as nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

Spring Storms 300x200We often take our reliance on power for granted. Until we don’t have it.

Then, our reliance on things such as television, computers, air conditioning and phone chargers comes to the forefront.

lakesmarch2019As the weather turns warmer, our thoughts turn to exterior food and beverage preparation. That’s right, it’s grilling and homebrewing season.

The arrival of spring and summer means it’s time to fire up the grill, fry some fish and brew an ale or IPA with a propane burner.

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