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Kids and propaneLooking for a fun way to teach your little ones about propane?

The U.S Energy Information Agency has your back.

They published a fun children’s activity booklet on their website called Energy Activities with Energy Ant to teach children about propane and other energy sources like water and ethanol in kid-friendly language.

The booklet features “The Tale of Little Big Fuel,” to help kids learn about propane.  It also includes lots of games and activities to help reinforce the lessons in a fun way.

AdobeStock 95165364Commercial trucks are the backbone of our economy. Almost everything you buy was at some point transported by one.
And more than ever before, those trucks are being fueled by propane.

A recent article explores the growth of propane-powered commercial vehicles in the last couple years.

Here are some takeaways:

Being a pod person could really pay off.

Propane podDon’t worry. We’re not talking about those alien imposters from science fiction movies and T.V. shows, grown in giant husks to resemble your neighbors. We’re talking about the Propane Energy Pod.

It’s way less creepy, and will save you a heck of a lot on your home energy bills.

“Propane Energy Pod” is a term used to describe switching all a home’s systems ꟷ space heating, water heating, cooking, and more ꟷ from electricity to propane to optimize your energy efficiency and cut down on costs.

A recent article from explains how the Propane Energy Pod can work for you. Here’s a breakdown:

Fotolia 145635445 Subscription Monthly LFall means brightly colored leaves, crisp air and fun activities like apple picking and hayrides.

But it also means winter is just around the corner.

Here are some tips to keep your propane tank safe this snowy season.

  1. Mark Your Tank.  In Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, we expect huge snowfalls during the winter. And a lot of snow can bury your tank. If it’s not visible, it could be hit by a delivery truck, which could cause a leak. So attach a brightly colored flag to the top so you know where it is at all times.

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