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Our Esko, Minnesota branch found a clever way to use propane tanks to brighten their customers’ days. Branch Manager Tara Johnson painted large propane tanks outside the branch to look like fishing bobbers and Jack-o’-lanterns a few months ago after finding the idea on Pinterest. She then turned to Service Technician Mat Danger for help with welding to turn several small propane cylinders into cow and pig planters for the building’s entrance.

Customers are loving the decorations. “Everyone thinks it’s very unique,” she said. “Everyone wants one of the piggy planters.” Despite increased demand, Tara said she doesn’t plan to make any more planters, saying they’d be so busy creating cows and pigs, they’d barely have time to sell propane.

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cookoutThis summer, you’ll probably be firing up the grill as often as you can. But nothing’s worse than turning it on to find you’re completely out of propane. Unless everyone likes their burgers extra rare, you’re gonna need to make a run to a propane dealer before you can cook them.

So the smart thing to do is to make sure you have enough propane before you toss anything on the grill. Here are a few easy ways to do that.

realistic propaneWarm weather can be tricky when it comes to budgeting for propane usage. It can be easy to accurately plan for a cold winter but underestimate your needs for the summer. Maybe you forgot about all the propane-powered appliances you normally use this season. Or maybe you’re staring at your usage meter in confusion, thinking you must have a leak because there’s no way you could have used so much.

As points out, unexpected cold snaps during the periods where weather is normally warm can cause you to use much more propane than normal, and leave you confused when you look at your usage.

Fotolia 78437461 Subscription Monthly XXLAre you hearing a hissing noise coming from your propane tank? It may not be a leak. Here are some other situations that can cause that noise, according to

An Open Bleeder Valve

The fixed liquid level gauge, commonly called the bleeder valve, is opened by a technician during propane deliveries. Sometimes, it may not be completely closed after a delivery. If this is why you hear the hissing noise, simply turn the gauge clockwise to securely close it.

memorial dayHappy Memorial Day from all of us at Lakes Gas. Although summer doesn’t actually start until June 21st, most of the country considers this weekend to be the official kick-off to the season. And for us, it means we’re gearing up to keep you fully stocked with the propane you need for grilling, road trips with your RV, mowing the lawn, and other hot-weather activities. Thanks for letting us power up your summer!

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