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Propane Leak losesNotice a leak on your outdoor propane tank?

According to Propane101, the first thing you need to do is picture a helium balloon being filled.

If the leak sounds anywhere like the hiss of a helium tank filling a party balloon, you should leave the area and call 9-1-1.

But most leaks don’t provide anywhere near the kind of pressure it takes to fill a balloon. And that means you’ll lose far less propane than you think. Most small leaks cause less than a gallon of lost propane over a long period of time.

But, as a consumer paying for that propane, it’s easy to think you’re losing way more gas when you can’t see what you’re using.

Think again of those party balloons. Each one holds a volume of about .5 cubic feet.
If you lost one gallon of propane, that’s equivalent to 73 party balloons full of propane. And remember, odds are you lost far less than that. Maybe 30 or 40 balloons. Barely enough for a decent party.

Think you lost 5 gallons of propane? That’s 364 party balloons.

Take a deep breath. You didn’t lose 364 party balloons full of propane unless there’s a major gash on your tank.

For more on leak-related propane loss, check out the Propane101 article.

When you picture how much propane is actually in your tank, you’re less likely to freak out about a little leak.

Want to learn more about leaks? Contact Lakes Gas.

house tankIf you’ve just decided to switch to propane for your energy needs, or you’re looking for a new provider, you’ve landed on the right page. Lakes Gas will help you get started with a buying and delivery program that meets your specific needs.

The first thing we need to know: Do you own a tank already, or will you need to rent one from us?

Own Your Tank
If there’s already a tank on your property, you’re all set! We’ll estimate your propane usage and set up a delivery schedule that meets your needs.

Lease a Tank
If you need to lease a tank, Lakes Gas will help you decide which size you need based on your estimated usage. The amount of propane appliances you own, the size of your home, and the amount of people who live there are all factors we’ll take into account.

We’ll draft a lease agreement that includes the Lakes Gas Tank, the regulator, and outside equipment associated with the tank. Your signature on the agreement signifies you and Lakes Gas both understand what is involved in the rental agreement.

We’ll place your tank. Our experts know where tanks can and cannot be placed for safety reasons. We’ll find the best place on your property to place it.
Don’t worry about maintenance, it’s included in your lease at no cost to you!

Have questions? Ready to get started? Contact Lakes Gas.

Propane Delivery Lakes Gas MinnesotaIf you’re new to propane, you may not know that most deliveries may take place when you’re not home. It’s a pretty hands-off process for you, and it’s nice to come home to a full propane tank and one less thing to worry about.

But for your first delivery, you’ll need to be home to meet the delivery truck driver. He’ll need to know a few things about your property to avoid damage and make the delivery as smooth as possible
Here’s what you’ll need to tell him.

Where Your Septic Tank Is
Keep in mind that a propane delivery bobtail is much larger and heavier than a normal delivery truck. That means it can break your septic tank and lid if it runs over it, so it’s important that you point it out to the driver his first time on your property.

Where Your Sprinkler System Is
Big trucks and sprinkler systems mix about as well as big trucks and septic tanks. So show your driver where yours is so he can avoid damaging it.

What Else to Avoid
Keep in mind that some deliveries may be made at night. So point out low-hanging power lines, or any other obstacles that might hinder delivery. A little preparation now can save a lot of headache later.

Other Questions
This is also a great time to find out how your tank works, how to tell if you need a refill, and to ask any other questions you may have.
Got more questions? Contact Lakes Gas.

It’s starting to get really cold out there.

And if it’s your first winter with propane, you may not know what to expect. Obviously, you’ll use more propane in the winter to keep your home comfortable, but how much more can you expect to use?

Here’s some information courtesy of our friends and

To understand usage, first you have to understand capacity. Let’s say you’re running all your propane appliances at their highest levels all day long. You’re at 100 percent capacity. You’re also probably sweating bullets. That’s one warm house.

Now, obviously, hardly anyone will use all their appliances at their highest settings all day. So the percent you use is the percent of your capacity you’re using. You might have the heat on low and have a chicken in the oven for an hour, then take a hot bath and do a couple loads of laundry with water warmed by your propane water heater. Let’s call this 50 percent of your capacity. If this is an average day for you, you’re regularly using about 39.6 gallons of propane over an 18-hour day, or 277 gallons a week. Compare that to about 7.2 gallons over 6 hours a day in the summer, which comes out to about 21 gallons over the same 18 hours. Still far less than the 39 gallons you’re using in the winter.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to calculate your estimated propane usage in the winter and summer, check out the Propane 101 article.

And if this is far too confusing for you, don’t worry, your Lakes Gas representative will help you estimate the amount of propane you’ll use based on your home size, number of appliances and the number of people in your home.

For help, contact Lakes Gas.

Propane Delivery ImageYou’ll Never Run out of Propane
No running out of hot water hallway through a shower. No freezing in a sweater while you wait for a delivery. With automatic delivery from Lakes Gas, we keep an eye on your usage so you don’t have to. And when you get low, we’ll automatically schedule a delivery to your home.

You Won’t Have to Call Us
Has this happened to you? You’re short on propane, so you remind yourself to call for a delivery. But you get caught up at work and forget. Before you know it, you’re out! With automatic delivery, you never have to remind yourself to schedule a delivery. It’s all taken care of.

There’s No Guesswork
To determine your usage, we don’t take a wild guess. We use a formula to calculate heating degree days – the demand for energy to heat your home daily, determined by the average of the day’s high and low temperatures. That means no guessing on your part, and a promise from us that you won’t run out of propane.

Want to sign up for automatic delivery? Contact Lakes Gas.

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